Mini-Poolheizung für Pools

  • Ideale Wahl zum Beheizen kleiner oberirdischer Pools und Spas
  • Einzigartiges Patentdesign
  • Einfache „Plug and Play“-Wärmepumpe
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mini pool heater


Creates a new healthy lifestyle for above ground pools or spas

Alsavo 25/45 Mini Pool Heater is a small pool heater and ideal for wooden pools and above ground pools and heats the pool water in pools with a volume of up to 20m³. Alsavo 25/45 Mini Pool Heater extracts heat from the ambient air and directs it into the pool.

ALSAVO mini heat pump for water volumes up to 20,000 liters for above ground pools and wood pools.

The ALSAVO mini heat pump series consists of two models for pools up to 10 m³, and 20 m³. It can be installed in any type of pool: wooden, steel, composite, inflatable or tubular, and small or medium-sized pools.

Depending on the initial pool water temperature and air temperature, it may take a few days for the water to reach the desired temperature. A good pool cover can significantly reduce the amount of time required. In addition, the heat pump switches off at an outside temperature of 12 °C.

Technical information:

  •  Energy-saving thanks to power consumption of 590 watts
  •  For pools up to 20m³ water content
  •  Electronic control panel
  •  Titanium heat exchanger
  •  Temperature min/max: +12º +42º
  •  Heat output: 2.5 kw
  •  Cooling capacity: 0.59 Kw
  •  Electronic control panel
  •  Dimensions: approx. W 31.8 x H 36.3 x D 41.1 cm
  •  Material: metal, plastic
  •  weight about 18 kg;

Mini-Poolheizung für Pools - Zealux


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